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Iridex Diolite Laser

Treat Skin Imperfections with the Revolutionary Diolite Laser

If you feel your skin needs some assistance with its hue, Los Angeles Acne Center is here to help. Treat vascular and pigmented skin lesions with the Iridex Diolite 53. This laser generates a beam of intense and concentrated light and targets certain area for lesion and sun spot removal. With a selection of hand pieces available to maximize the versatility of the equipment, this treatment is incredibly effective and reliable.

Treatable Conditions

Using This Incredible Technology, We Can Treat a Number of Unwanted Skin Problems Including:

Telangiectasia - Spider Veins on the Face Caused by the Dilation of the Capillary Vessels
Rosacea - Red Lesions around the Nose & Cheeks, Similar in Appearance to Sunburns
Spider Angiomas - Red Spider-Like Veins That Are Slightly Raised in Appearance
Cherry Angiomas - Red Lesions That Are Slightly Raised in Appearance
Lentigines - A Flat, Brown Spot Caused by Frequent Sun Exposure
Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra - Small, Black Marks Most Commonly Found in People of Asian or African Descent
Keratosis - Slightly Raised Spots of Pigmentation Found Often on the Back & Hands

How Soon Can I Expect to See Results?

Dr. A. David Rahimi will perform this procedure so rest assured knowing you are in qualified hands. Following the short treatment which takes approximately 15 minutes, you should notice a gradual improvement almost immediately. Individual results may vary. It is always a good idea to consult your doctor to make sure you are a good candidate. The final results should be visible in two to three weeks. However, in some cases, another follow-up treatment may be necessary. Please note that none of the above is intended as medical advice.

Results may vary and no guarantees are made. Your doctor will discuss your specific case with you, including risks, options, and alternatives.

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